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#SATURDAYSPECIAL FedEx Corporation is a company with a track record of being super successful. FedEx believes that its success lies in  how efficiently its employees perform. The company discovered that well-treated employees are top producers, resulting in positive company growth. In 1973, FedEx developed, and still practices, its “People-Service-Profit” philosophy denoting excellent care of its […]
We believe dance in any form creates happiness at work, happiness at home and happiness in life! Here are the top 3 benefits 1. Shake away the stress – Research shows that our bodies get stiff and feel stressed because of our sedentary work styles that face screens for over 8 to 9 hours a […]
#SATURDAYSPECIAL Google is consistently ranked as the best company to work in the world. What truly makes Google a great place to work is the people. It works on the philosophy that with the right tools, one can attract the best talent and develop happier and more productive employees. Their California headquarters offers a seven-acre […]